Wrap around the Senedd

🌹 Honouring Lives Lost: Naming The Dead🌹

Join us in a powerful act of remembrance as we unveil a 200-meter-long banner ‘Naming the Dead’ around the Senedd, listing the names of the tens of thousands who lost their lives in Gaza.

🗓 Wednesday, March 13th – 12 noon

On this solemn day, we’ll be draping the banner around the Senedd to pay tribute to those who have been killed in Gaza.

Please volunteer if you can:

Be part of this meaningful event. Can you lend a hand to hold the banner? We will need a substantial number of volunteers, please volunteer:

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Let’s make a visual impact. Bring flowers and dress in black as we unite in solidarity and remembrance.

Your support means the world. Together, let’s give a voice to those whose names echo in our hearts. 💙🕊️