Wrapping names of the dead around the Senedd

Palestine Solidarity Campaign groups in Wales

‘Naming the Dead’ banner wrap around the Senedd in remembrance of Gazans killed in Israel’s genocide

In a poignant act of remembrance, the public will encircle the Senedd with the ‘Naming the Dead’ banner on Wednesday, March 13th, at noon. The 200m banner is meticulously inscribed with some 20,000 names of Palestinians who have tragically been killed in Israel’s brutal attacks on Gaza. More names will be added at a later date.

The ‘Naming the Dead’ banner will completely envelop the Senedd, offering a moving tribute to the individuals behind the statistics. It will emphasise the human toll of the genocide and underscore the staggering loss of lives in Gaza.

The banner comprises four sections and will be held aloft by dozens of volunteers and will not fail to move those participating or witnessing the act of solidarity and remembrance. Banner volunteers will bring flowers and dress in black as we stand united in mourning and respect.

We call upon Senedd members and workers to stop what they’re doing and join with us as we stand with the victims of Israel’s genocide.

Betty Hunter, Honorary President of PSC, says understanding the scale of a situation becomes challenging with large numbers, yet the banner powerfully shows the scale of loss. Official figures record over 30,000 Palestinians killed by Israeli military actions since October 7th, most of them women and children. This number does not include those still buried beneath the rubble of their homes or places of shelter.

“It helps us make a human connection to each death and reflect on the lost dreams and hopes of the lives destroyed,” says Hunter.

Many of our UK politicians, arms factories and businesses are complicit in this genocide if they choose to remain silent and look the other way. They must acknowledge the link between their actions and the lives snatched so cruelly by the Israeli military.

About ‘Naming the Dead’
‘Naming the Dead’ is a Bristol-based organisation committed to honouring those killed in Gaza since October 7th. By engaging the public in inscribing the names of the deceased onto banners, the organisation aims to deliver these powerful messages to arms companies, politicians, and anyone else complicit in the genocide in Gaza.