Collaborative writing of names at College Green

PRESS RELEASE: 15/02/2024



12 NOON onwards

Organised by Naming the Dead, BPA (Bristol Palestine Alliance), PSC, the Hands Up Project, and others

At 12.0 on Sunday 18 February, a group will gather outside Bristol Cathedral to sing laments for the dead children in Gaza, led by the Acapellies Community Choir. 

A series of long banners will be laid out on the Green, on which people will be invited to write names of the dead in Gaza. This collaborative writing of names will continue in different public places every evening next week, and for as long as the genocide lasts. 

On the 24th February, banners with the names of 4,227 dead children, or as many as have been released by that date, will be carried by foot from the centre of Bristol to Elbit Systems, the Israel-owned weapons factory based in Filton. 

Further events to honour the dead in Gaza will be announced at a later date.

Notes for Editors:

  1. Naming the Dead is a group formed to honour, individually, those killed in the recent Gaza conflict.
  2. The Hands Up Project is a charity trust which connects children around the world with young people in Palestine 
  3. The latest figures for those injured or killed in Gaza are:
  • Killed: at least 28,340 people, of which more than 12,150 were children and 8,300 were  women
  • Injured: more than 67,984, of which more than 8,663 were children and 6,327  were women
  • Missing: more than 7,000

Figures from Al Jazeera: Less than half of the names of those killed have so far been released. 

  1. Elbit Systems is Israel’s largest arms company, and has two offices in Bristol. The newest is a manufacturing hub, where weapons parts known to be used by the Israeli armed forces are made. 

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